Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dream a little dream with me...

I have a dream. Ok actually I have a lot of dreams. Some of my dreams are very different from each other & some compliment each other well. Some days certain future plans sound really good to me and other days they don't. I feel like I've always been this way-dreaming big dreams, not content with ordinary (boring!) living. While I need to be content no matter what I don't think it's wrong to want more than an ordinary life because I don't think Christians are called to ordinary living. The Great Commission isn't exactly a boring command. Looking at the lives of the early church in the book of Acts makes it clear they were doing anything but ordinary living.

But dreams are also limiting. It's easy to daydream about all these wonderful things I want to do but never actually do any of them. Dreams are safe. Living them out is far more risky. When dreams become reality that's when the hardwork, obedience and most importantly faith come into play. All that I want to do is be in the center of God's will because I know that is the best place to be. And while I pray for God's will in what to pursue, I also know that God's Word already tells me to do many of the things I dream about doing & I don't need any more confirmation than that!

So without further ado here are some of my dreams. I'm usually an open book sharing my life but for some reason it feels so personal to share my dreams. Maybe I'm afraid if none of them come true I'll look like a failure. But we're all friends here so I'll share away ;) I want to hear your dreams too! Share them in the comments or better yet write your own "dreams" blog and share the link.

-I dream of writing a book based on my experiences & what God's word says about finding purpose in living with chronic pain.

-I dream of traveling the world & caring for the least of these-the poor, sick, orphans, widows-meeting practical needs & most importantly sharing the gospel

-I dream of taking care of the least of these in my own backyard

-I dream of marrying a Godly man, having children (maybe?) & devoting myself to supporting my husband, teaching my children about the Lord & having a family that is devoted to service & sharing the gospel.

-I dream of writing & leading Bible studies

-I dream of creating a ministry to support those living with chronic conditions-a place where people can be encouraged, prayed for, study God's word and learn practical ways to cope with chronic pain

-I dream of finding Christian families to adopt the millions of orphans around the world

-I dream of traveling the country & opening the eyes of apathetic Americans (myself included!) to the plight of the poor & marginalized around the world & getting them involved with organizations that reach these groups of people.

-And lastly I couldn't leave this off. I dream of moving somewhere warm (with my family hopefully coming too!) and having my fibromyalgia go completely away!

So what are your dreams?