Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for the Not So Crafty!

I love doing activities and crafts with the kids I nanny for especially if they correspond with upcoming seasons or holidays. But I've got a confession to make if that craft requires more than about 2 steps I'm not interested. See I love being creative-coloring, painting, drawing, making little holiday knick knacks-I just happen to be terrible at it! As in so terrible my family is still laughing at me over a Pictionary game we played 10 years ago!

So when it comes to crafts with the kids it has to be cute and kept to about a 5 year old skill level-not just so the kids can particpate but so I can too. So while some of you are busy finding your next holiday craft on Pinterest (note the jealousy!) I'm keeping it real basic around here.

If you're glue gun challenged like me, try these easy, no fail, Thanksgiving crafts!

1. What is thanksgiving without a good old turkey handprint- all you need is a hand & markers:)

2. Ok so in Elementary school ( a million years ago!) we made Native American (we called it Indian) vests. So of course I had to attempt that again with the little guy I watch. I'm sure they're are more fancy ways of making it but we simply took a paper grocery bag cut out arms and head holes & decorated with markers.

Yes it even fit me!

3. Still have mini pumpkins or gourds laying around from Halloween? Give your kids markers, let them decorate and you have a fun centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

4. And last but not least a thankful tree. I think it is so important to remember what Thanksgiving is truly about so we cut out a tree and leaves from construction paper and I let the little guy I watch tell me what to write on the leaves that he is thankful for.

So what about you? Do you have an fun, easy Thanksgiving crafts?

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