Friday, January 20, 2012

Cabin Fever

If you are a mom or a nanny like me and you live somewhere cold you know what this time of year brings-cabin fever! The excitement of Christmas is over and it's at least 4 months until a nice Spring day. So what do you? Around here we take advantage of as many indoor play places as we can. Our favorite is at our local mall.

When we're stuck at home the kids like to take apart old objects

Play games like this Alphabet Alley Go Fish game and have dance parties in the basement

We color and paint pictures

Another favorite is taking a bath or shower- ok I know this sounds crazy but the kids love it! They gather all their toys and go play in the water and hey maybe get a little clean in the process:)

So what do you do to occupy kids during these long winter months? I need as many ideas as I can get!