Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fibromyalgia Medicine Free!!!

Sorry for the lack of update last week but as you can imagine going off of all your medicines at once wasn't always so easy and last Friday and Saturday were especially rough. But I am happy to say I have been off my fibro med (Lyrica) for 8 days now!!!! This is a HUGE victory and miracle as I really, truly believed I would be on this medicine my whole life. But as I've realized over the last few months that I've been praying for healing, God really can and does do things that exceed what we can hope for and imagine. I don't feel perfect off the medicine but just being off it and not being in excruciating pain is amazing! Since Sunday I have been slowly feeling better and would say that my pain is a good normal level. I guess that probably makes no sense but it just means I still have my normal pain, in the normal places, but it is relatively manageable most of the time. I am still praying for complete healing but I know this is a step in the right direction.

Going off my other medications went pretty well. I am off everything except I did have to go back on my stomach medicine (Protonix). After 10 days off of it my acid reflux was so severe I could barely even swallow water because the stomach acid had burned and swollen my throat. After talking to the pharmacist & explaining that I actually have a structural problem with the valve that connects my esophagus & stomach as opposed to just acid reflux, she explained that I really needed to go right back on my stomach medicine. If I had normal acid reflux I may have been able to correct it without medication but because I have a problem where the valve to my stomach stays open all the time, if I don't take medicine to stop the production of the stomach acid that acid will constantly go up my esophagus. And boy was it ever! I was disappointed and don't like that I need to stay on this med but I need to be able to eat and the constant acid wasn't going to make that possible. Plus the constant acid is a huge esophageal cancer risk too so at least the medicine prevents that. So that experiment didn't go so well but I'm not letting that bring me down. I'm off my fibro med! If you have severe fibro and have taken these medications you know what a huge deal this is and I'm not going to let anything steal that joy!

Thank you to each and every one of you that has prayed for me. I could literally feel your prayers through my roughest days. I would still LOVE your continue prayer specifically that my pain would stay under control and eventually go away! Right now my biggest source of pain is my neck, back and pain/numbness in my hands & feet. I am also praying that I am able to stay off my bladder med (Ditropan). I am off of it and so far doing good-just praying my bladder pain & spasms do not return. In the last couple days summer weather has come to Ohio and I'm convinced that is part of the improvement I've seen over the last 2 days. I'm praying that I will see huge levels of healing and physical improvement this summer, more than any other year before. Thank you all for taking this journey with me and hopefully continuing on for the ride. I give God all the glory for getting me through these last few weeks in particular and I look forward to seeing all He will continue to do in my life.